At The Letting Partnership (TLP), we believe in the power of giving back to our local community and supporting charitable causes. In 2021, we took a significant step in this direction by establishing the ‘Charities & Community Team.’ Comprising a small group of dedicated TLP staff, this team is passionate about making a positive impact on charities and our local community.

A Passion for Giving Back

TLP’s Charities & Community Team is composed of individuals who share a common passion for assisting charities and the community they serve. Our team members are not just coworkers; they are advocates for change, working together to create a better world for everyone. Their enthusiasm and dedication drive them to find innovative ways to make a difference.

Yearly Charity Partnerships

One of the key components of our Charities & Community Team’s mission is to partner with a particular charity each year. This partnership allows us to focus our efforts and resources on making a substantial impact. By forming a close relationship with a chosen charity, we can concentrate our efforts on raising as much funds as possible, benefiting the cause we care about. So far we have worked with Centrepoint, Guild Care and Safe in Sussex

Support, Awareness, and Fundraising

Our team is committed to supporting and raising awareness for our chosen charity. This commitment includes dedicating time and effort to organising and participating in fundraising events. These events can take various forms, from traditional fundraisers to creative and exciting endeavors that capture the spirit of giving. It’s not just about raising money; it’s about making a lasting impact.

clothes donation 2023 Catherine & Charlie

Community Engagement

While our Charities & Community Team is devoted to charity work, we also extend our efforts to the local community. We believe in the idea of ‘Think Global, Act Local.’ Therefore, in addition to our annual charity partnerships, we actively engage in activities that uplift and support our local community.

All members of staff are encouraged to join in these endeavors to create a ripple effect of kindness and community involvement.

“Think Global, Act Local…”

Diverse Activities and Initiatives

Our Charities & Community Team has already achieved remarkable feats since its inception. We have embraced diverse activities and initiatives that showcase our unwavering commitment to making a difference. Some of our notable endeavors include:

  • Sleep deprivation! Our MD Jennifer Markham set the standard by joining in a ‘Stay Up’ event for homeless young people organized by Centrepoint. In the 2020 event they raised a whopping total of over £296,000!
  • Daring Abseils Our team embarked on a 90-foot abseil adventure to raise funds for charity. It was a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience that showcased our dedication to going above and beyond for a good cause. The abseil was a joint fundraising event for West Sussex Mind and Safe in Sussex. In total over £12,300 was raised.
  • Firewalk Our commitment to charity knows no bounds, as we took on the fiery challenge of walking barefoot on flaming coals! This event, organised by Guild Care, raised an impressive £8,384.69 in total and shows our fearlessness when it comes to making a difference.
  • Donation Drives We’ve gathered clothes for charity stores and collected food for local food banks, ensuring that those in need receive essential support.

Leadership and Dedication

The Charities & Community Team is spearheaded by Lewis Thomas and Catherine Boffee, who are both passionate advocates for making a difference.

Catherine commits a large chunk of her time to co-ordinating with the charities and fundraisers, while Lewis takes on more of the practicalities of organising and promoting events.

Catherine Boffee
Lewis states, “I am proud to lead this team. We are always pushing to come together to lift our community and its vital services.”
Lewis Thomas abseil
Lewis’s dedication to charitable causes extends beyond his role at TLP. He takes on high-risk challenges outside of work, participating in white-collar boxing and mixed martial arts fights to raise funds for various charities.

His personal commitment to making a difference mirrors the values we hold dear at TLP and sets an inspiring example for the entire team, motivating them to strive for greater achievements.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans in store. Before Christmas, we’ll be organizing another food bank collection, spreading the holiday spirit of giving. At Christmas, instead of sending cards we make a donation to our partner charity, as well as donating to 3 other charities nominated by our  clients.

In the coming year our plans are to involve the entire TLP office in more community events, such as beach cleanups and volunteering opportunities.

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