Mentoring: The Merits and Misconceptions

Author: Sarah Edmundson

CEO & Trustee, Agents Together

Mentoring changes lives. That is a fact.

Agents Together, the charitable foundation, launched in 2020 with the ambition and mission to help the Estate Agency Industry to have a healthy mind, a healthy business and to subsequently create a healthier industry for all. Our first initiative was to create, deliver and manage a mentoring offering that was accessible to absolutely everyone. A safe place where people could share wise words, inspiration and navigate the challenges of life, work and business.

With the help of over 355 Mentors we have now arranged and managed over 670 mentorships which equates to over 17,000 hours of FREE mentoring!

In addition we have hosted webinars, created and collaborated on 100’s of hours of wellbeing focussed content and have just launched a brand new website with lots of free resources for any one in estate agency to understand and implement wellbeing in the workplace.

And we still have so much to do….

But, for this article we wanted to discuss the merits (and misconceptions) around Mentoring and hopefully persuade you to get involved (if you aren’t already) as either a Mentor, Mentee or BOTH! .

Sam Offley (Relationship Manager at Agents Together), Zoe Bywater (Mentor), Hugh Parfitt (Mentee), Paul Offley (Mentor)

Being Mentored

  • Mentoring can truly change your life. Having someone in your corner, someone to share your thoughts with, someone to bounce ideas off, someone who has walked a mile in your shoes (or ones pretty similar to yours!) is an invaluable resource. 
  • Having a mentor can really help you stay accountable to yourself and progress your ideas and projects forward.
  • Mentoring is totally different to training, a mentor will help you extract the best out of yourself by guiding you and sharing wisdom. They will not tell you how to do something, but that is a good thing – it promotes personal growth and development. 
  • Your Agents Together Mentor will be bespoke matched to you based on your specific needs, this means that their wise words and inspiring journey will be closely linked to your own beliefs and direction. 
  • A problem shared is a problem halved. It is a bit of a cliche but it does tend to be true, and whilst your mentor is not a counsellor or qualified therapist – they will be able to listen carefully and not pass any judgement; they will be unbiased and unemotional which will help you to find your way. 
  • Many of our Mentee’s go on to be Mentors, and that is how we know this scheme is so successful. 
  • Mentoring is for EVERYONE. Business owners, Junior Negotiators, Branch Managers, Apprentices, Regional Managers, Marketing Experts…. The list is endless – it does not matter what stage of life or career you are at, what matters is that you are willing and able to learn.

Becoming a Mentor

  • Mentoring is likely to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you do.  Most Agents Together Mentors say it has had a really profound affect on their lives and that they too have learnt from the experience.
  • At Agents Together we ask for an initial commitment of 6 months, and just one hour a month of your time. Some people choose to do more. 
  • You don’t have to have any formal qualifications to be a mentor. We provide guidance and tips, all you need is a desire to help others and some life experience. The way we match you will mean that you will always be helping someone at the right level for you. 
  • There is no minimum or maximum age to be a Mentor, life’s journey is different for us all and we pass no judgement on that. 
  • Mentoring is a great way to develop key leadership skills. 
  • Giving back in this way will change your life, the lives of those you help and also the industry as a whole.

Aside from all the above, if you run a business, the impact that that being involved in the Agents Together Mentoring Scheme can have on the culture and performance of your team is immense. It is a great knowledge share, drives best practice and raises industry standards.

To find out more now please check out the Mentoring page. It takes 5 minutes to apply! Or if you have any questions at all please email and we will give you a call.

There are lots of free resources on the Website for embracing Wellbeing at Work, but if you need any further help and guidance we are always happy to discuss bespoke projects under our health mind and healthy business pillars.

About Agents Together

Agents Together is a charitable foundation that was launched in 2020 with the ambition and mission to help the Estate Agency Industry to have a healthy mind, a healthy business and to subsequently create a healthier industry for all. Sarah Edmundson is CEO and Trustee with many years of experience in the estate agency industry. She later established herself as one of the UK’s leading industry trainers and has a wealth of knowledge of industry sales, marketing, customer experience and creating successful teams.

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