On-site Audits

Put your mind at rest before you buy the business.

Why bother with an on-site audit?

Buying a letting portfolio without carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the business could end up costing you more than just the price you pay!

If you’re buying a business and want to ensure that everything is in order or if it’s the comfort of knowing that you comply with legislation and your client money is ‘all present and correct’ our On-site Audit is for you.

Audits are tailored to your specific requirements but will always consist of an onsite visit and a written report on findings.

During the on-site audit our auditors will examine legal and brand specific documents currently being used, review record keeping and adherence to statutory legislation and carry out in depth inspections on a random sample of tenancy files.

Following the on-site visit we will prepare and send to you an Audit Report. The report includes client money reconciliations, validity of documents, compliance with statutory regulation and ‘best practice’ guidelines, findings from file inspections, recommendations for any remedial action and an overall assessment of the business practices and procedures.

Sections covered and included in the Audit Report:

  • Software interrogation
  • Examination of files
  • Compliance with statutory legislation
  • Tenancy documentation
  • Tenant deposit records
  • Client money handling
  • Client account reconciliation
  • Commercial risks & threats
  • Operational Processes, procedures


be sure that the business you’re buying is the business you want

To arrange an audit or get a quote please contact us.

"I have used The Letting Partnership for just over 3 years now and during this time they have been incredibly professional and first class in all of our dealings. I would strongly recommend their services."

– Ian Watkins – Ian Watkins Estate Agents, Worthing