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You’re open for business – but what about your suppliers?

  While you’re open for business you need to be sure that those people and organisations whose services and goods support your business will be able to continue doing so. IT and software support, telephone systems, inventories and client accounting are just a few...

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Help for your tenants with prepay meters

  Tenants with prepaid electric and gas meters will naturally be worried about getting their prepaid keys and cards topped up if they can’t get out to do so. While some suppliers have acted quickly, others have been a little slower to confirm their plans. Below,...

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Your tenants don’t have to be infected to be affected!

    It’s more or less a given that as letting agents some, if not all of you, will over the next few weeks and months, be getting calls from tenants who are unable to pay their rent due to the ‘fall out’ from Coronavirus (Covid-19). Inevitably, jobs will be...

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