About Us

Market-leaders in outsourced client accounting and client money protection services since 2006.


Leading the way in outsourced client accounting and client money protection.

  • Collecting, processing and paying out over £20 million of client money every month
  • Committed to continually setting and raising the levels of professional standards and services within the lettings industry
  • A nationally recognised award-winning organisation, who work hard to provide their agents with time, money and risk saving solutions to their client accounting
  • Gives business owners and managers time to focus on growing their business, opportunities to reduce overheads, and guaranteeing continuity of client accounting and processing
  • With all the tools, knowledge, capability and commitment to excellence to consistently deliver unrivalled support services to letting agents across the UK
  • Stays up to date with ever changing industry rules and regulations removing your risk and responsibility for client money
  • Operates a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ cost structure meeting a clear need in the market assisting everyone from small independent agents to the large corporates
  • Works with industry regulators, deposit protection providers and insurers in areas of financial compliance and client money protection
  • PropertymarkPlatinum Partners and trusted industry leaders, so you can be confident that your client accounting processes and procedures are handled with accuracy and efficiency
  • Provides additional services such as reconciliations, on-site audits and additional support services as well as outsourced client accounting.
  • Home of TLP Financial HealthChecks – the cost effective, fast, online alternatives to traditional accountant reports. Click here to find out more.


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