Ignorance isn’t always bliss especially when it comes to client money.

Collecting rents from tenants, paying landlords and safeguarding deposits is an essential part of everyday life in lettings but would you know if something was going wrong?

The likelihood is that client accounting is being carried out by someone else in your company or organization – if that someone else makes mistakes your reputation suffers! If client money goes missing you could even lose your business and end up in prison!

Our Client Money HealthCheck is a viable, cost effective and speedy way to make sure that nothing is going wrong and your client money is safe. By applying business activity information to client accounting policies, then comparing the results against additional data such as bank statements (past and present movement of client money) and deposit protection account summaries we can produce a detailed report on the accuracy and proficiency of client money handling and flag up deficits, anomalies and inconsistencies in accounting practices.

Agents complete an online questionnaire and send over supporting documents – bank statements and deposit protection records. The answers provided together with details from the supporting documents are entering into the HealthCheck programme. The results are then evaluated by a specialist team and a final report is completed and sent out.

Subject to all the information requested being provided the whole process, from submission of the online questionnaire to producing the final report, is guaranteed to be completed in no more than 10 days.


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