Take up our Client Accounting Plus Service and while we take care of administration and accounting you will have the time to take care of business.

You don’t need to buy, rent, update or maintain any software. As part of the Client Accounting Plus package you will be provided with Genie software free of charge. Cloud based and simpler to use than any other lettings software Genie has everything your company needs to run and manage your portfolio.

Enthusiasm and good software are often not the only requirements when it comes to operating a successful letting business. With constant changes in landlord and tenant legislation, amendments to rules and regulations in the handling of client money and tenant deposits we are here to ensure your business operates at the forefront of industry good practice and professional standards.

These are just some of the things we do for you:

  • Comprehensive Tenant Referencing
  • Tenancy Agreements and Documents
  • Landlord Rent & Legal Expenses Guarantee
  • ALL Client Monies:
    – Collection
    – Processing
    – Payment
    – Reconciliation
  • Arrears Reports
  • Non-Resident Landlords Tax Collection & HMRC Payment
  • Tenancy Renewals
  • Helpline
  • Itemised Fees & Commissions Statements